How much is your engine worth? Do you want to save money on your marine motor maintenance?

For a fraction of the original investment in your engine (and your boat!), you can install an Adit Marine fresh water inlet device.

Is your onboard gen-set or air-conditioner directly cooled by salt water?

If you install an Adit Marine fresh water flushing system, you can help reduce salt build up and prolong the life of your generator or air-conditioning system.

Quick contact

I just wanted to say thanks very much for encouraging me to purchase the Adit Marine flushing device for our boat.
Your installation instructions were easy to follow, and using the flushing mechanism is part of our regular routine when we return from any boating trip.

We would like to thank you for the wonderful product.  We have had several overheating problems due to salt build up in our heat exchangers and your product has not only resolved our heating problem, but also dramatically cut the cost of our maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions

After cleaning out the calcium and barnacles from my heat exchangers what will stop this from happening again?

By installing Adit Marine’s Fresh Water Flushing System,(various sizes and models to suit most vessels) the fresh water will stay inside the raw water cooling side of the system thus eliminating the barnacle growth and stops the solid calcium build inside the heat exchangers.

Can I use this system for the gen-set I’ve got on-board?

Adit Marine Fresh Water Flushing Systems can help to reduce salt build up and prolong the life of your generator, as well as your air-conditioner. The flushing is carried out as normal after use.

Do I have to have my heat exchangers removed and cleaned before installing a Fresh Water Flushing System?

Only if the heat exchangers are of a servere nature. The cleaning of heat exchangers can now be attained without the removal of these items with the use of the Adit Marine CAD (Chemical Adding Device) and the cleaning agent CFS (Clean Flush Soak), all available from Adit Marine.