I just wanted to say thanks very much for encouraging me to purchase the Adit Marine flushing device for our boat.

Your installation instructions were easy to follow, and now, using the flushing mechanism is part of our regular routine when we return from any boating trip.

As you know, we had various maintenance issues to be resolved and had reserved our slip-lift and the hard stand area at the marina in order to complete all the work. Once the engines were rebuilt, the flushing device easily paid for itself, when we didn’t have to float the boat in order to test the engines.

Thanks again, I’ll definitely be telling all my boaty mates about this.

We would like to thank you for the wonderful product. We have had several overheating problems due to salt build up in our heat exchangers and your product has not only resolved our heating problem, but also dramatically cut the cost of our maintenance.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone with heat exchangers on their boat.

Many Thanks

We write to express our appreciation to Adit Marine, for making their fresh water flushing device available to boat owners.

We’ve owned a number of different boats over the past twenty or so years and have never come across a product like this. Previously, we had no method for cleaning the heat exchangers – they just ran until overheating became a real problem and we replaced them. Then we had chemical based methods for cleaning the heat exchangers – definitely not good for the environment, not to mention the repeated expense of chemical purchases.

Already we’ve saved money by not having to purchase those cleaning chemicals and we’re very pleased that your device doesn’t release any harmful residues or by-products into our waterways – in short, we’re happy to recommend this chemical free method to clean heat exchangers on an inboard motor.

I had an issue with an unexplained blown raw water hoses on one of my motors. Fate had it that Greg from Adit Marine was visiting my Marina and suggested it may be a back pressure problem from obstructions due to barnacle and calcium build-up in the raw water system. He suggested fitting an Remote Fresh Water Flushing System and then treating the motors with Barnacle Buster.

I cannot believe the improvement in my motor performance. The broken down Barnacles just flowed from my exhaust after the treatment and both motor run at least 15% cooler than previous. Flushing your motors with fresh water after each trip just makes sense.

Greg from ADIT was extremely helpful and efficient and nothing was too much trouble. Your crazy if you don’t get this system fitted.